This is a category listing the episodes in Shining Stars Pretty Cure!.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Bīto o purei! Kyua Poppu ga tanjō!
"Play the beat! Cure Pop is born!"
Kokatsu 2015-02-01
Ella is a girl who is a fan of Pretty Cure and idols but she doesn't have the confidence to tell anyone this. But when she is found by Melody, she transforms into Cure Pop and is suddenly battling a Kurotoku while singing! This isn't how Pretty Cure fights go...
02 Himitsu wa tamotanakereba naranai! Soretomobeki.. ?
"Secrets must be kept! Or should they..?"
Kokatsu 2015-02-08
Ella is told not to tell anyone that she a Pretty Cure. But when she transforms into Cure Pop to fight Kokatsu, she doesn't realise that Himawari Umeko has been suspicious of her behavior and had seen her transform...
03 Usagi no egao! Kyua Hapinesu wa happī tanjō.
"Smiling bunnies! Cure Happiness is born happy."
Kokatsu 2015-02-15
Not realising that Umeko had seen her transform and fight as a Pretty Cure, she goes to school like nothing unusual happened until Umeko walked up to her and asked if she could be a Pretty Cure. Shocked, Ella tells her not to tell anyone her secret, until Umeko is suddenly given the power to tranform into a Pretty Cure in a middle of a battle...
04 Wavering Feelings. Watashi ga Purikyua nodesu ka?
Wavering Feeling. 私がプリキュアのですか?
"Wavering Feelings. I am a Pretty Cure?"
Kokatsu 2015-02-22
05 Complete! Watashitachiha, Shainingu Sutāzu Purikyua desu!
Complete! 私たちは、シャイニングスターズプリキュアです!
"Complete! We are Shining Stars Pretty Cure!"
Kokatsu 2015-03-01
06 Tomodachi ya chīmumeito? Soredewa otagai o shiru yō ni shimashou!
"Friends or teammates? Lets get to know each other!"
Akuma 2015-03-08
07 Kikiippatsu! Purikyua wa hotondo haiboku!
"Close call! Pretty Cure almost defeated!"
10 April Fools~! Dare ga kyō damasa ni narudarou?
April's Fools~! 誰が今日騙さになるだろう?
"April Fools~! Who's going to be tricked today?"
Kokatsu 2015-04-05
11 Sutēji On! Uta ya pafōmansu o engi?
"Stage on! Singing or acting performance?"
Ella is picked as the main character for a Snow White. But on the day, when Akuma creates a Kurotoku, Umeko and Miku distract the crowd by running at the Kurotoku, giving Ella time transform. But instead of acting, she sings!

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