Fly! Pretty Cure 5
(Furai! Purikyua Faibu)
Opening SongPretty Cure 5, Full Charge!
Ending SongDreamy Spirit
Fly! Pretty Cure 5 (フライ!プリキュアファイブ Furai! Purikyua Faibu?) is the first season in CureHibiki's Pretty Cure franchise. It's premiere is to be on March 1, 2015, a month after Go! Princess Pretty Cure's premiere. The series' themes are butterflies and dreams.


Fly! Pretty Cure 5 episodes


Pretty CureEdit

  • Kokoda Ayumi (小々田あゆみ Kokoda Ayumi?): Ayumi is the main protagonist of the series. She is a hard working girl who has a cheerful attitude. Although she is hard working, she has a short attention span and can be quite a klutz. Ayumi loves to cook sweets and is always playing jokes on her twin brother Hayato for pay back. She dislikes people who take advantage of innocent people's dreams. Her alter ego is Cure Wish (キュアウィッシュ Kyua U~isshu?), the Pretty Cure of Hope whose powers are related to stars.
  • Natsuki Akira (夏木あきら Natsuki Akira?): Akira is the second to become a Pretty Cure. She has a bright personality and loves going on adventures. She is interested in detective like shows and likes to dress up as an detective when an adventure calls. She has a passion for making jewelry and has great fashion sense. Her alter ego is Cure Roux (キュアルー Kyua Rū?), the Pretty Cure of Passion whose powers are related to fire.
  • Minazuki Youko (水無月ようこ Minazuki Yōko?) / Cure Turquoise (キュアターコイズ Kyua Tākoizu?)
  • Amai Yua (甘井ゆあ Amai Yua?) / Cure Juice (キュアジュース Kyua Jūsu?)
  • Natsu Tomoko (夏ともこ Natsu Tomoko?) / Cure Lime (キュアライム Kyua Raimu?)



Supporting CharactersEdit




  • Fly! Pretty Cure 5 is the generation series of Yes! Pretty Cure 5.
  • The order of how the girls appear as Pretty Cure for the first time are different from their mothers - Green, Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow (Fly!) VS Pink, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue (Yes!).




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