CureKanade's All Stars Movies is a page where CureKanade puts down all her All Stars movies that she will be creating on this wiki. Like all canon All Stars movies, the newest group of Cures from CureKanade's fanseries will join the airing All Stars movie.

All Stars MoviesEdit

Pretty Cure All Stars Connection: Yumemiru TsubomiEdit

When the Shining Stars Pretty Cures were attacked by an unknown enemy, they find themselves surrounded by 37 other Cures! So when the Max Heart Cures suddenly disappear, followed by the Splash Star Cures and the Yes! 5 Cures, the Shining Stars Cures must team up with Milky Rose and the other Cures to rescue the 10 missing Cures but how can they do that when their powers start disappearing as well?!

Pretty Cure All Stars Connection 2: Yumemiru HibikiEdit

The Shining Stars Pretty Cures are back! But with one more member to the team, Cure Fashion. They are joined once again with the 37 other Cures,including Cure Echo, to stop Fade from bringing Earth to its end of its existence.

Pretty Cure All Stars Connection 3: Yumemiru EienEdit

Short All Stars MoviesEdit

Pretty Cure All Stars Special Stage: Live Performance 3DEdit

Join all 40 Cures as they dance to new songs live in 3D! As you watch the performance, be on a look out for magical pieces that have a special logo of each Pretty Cure series! Happy singing and have fun watching~!

Pretty Cure All Stars Live Musical!Edit